Custom HTML

Custom HTML Website – mind-bending design


mind-bendeing-design3smI can transform any image or design into a working web page, anything from simple and elegant to complex and out-there at Solostudios you work directly with me to create a website that represents your unique message utilizing your current marketing materials or by creating your company’s brand from scratch! All HTML websites are created based on a concept from you… Once we determine the best platform for your website…. what functionality you need: a Custom HTML, WordPress or E commerce website will be created, or I can integrate and combine multiple platforms. Many times you can use a simple “buy now” button or download link instead of a full on e commerce site… after a free consultation I’ll know exactly what options work best for you within your budget,  and remember…

Anything you can imagine I can create!

Custom website design

Static HTML Website packages includes:

  • Custom Designed Pages
  • Custom Graphics
  • Any Design converted into active pages
  • Social Integration
  • Music & Videos
  • Picture Slide show
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Search Engine submission


  • Browser Compatibility

  • Customized Layout

  • Logical Navigation

  • Analytics

  • Social Integration

  • Device Compatibility


  • E commerce    
  • Blog    
  • Custom animations
  • Website Updates    
  • Mix and match any features

Website Updates


help-icon smNormally HTML website pages require no maintenance, but when changes are needed its updated by the designer, certain pages or areas of the site can be set up to log in and update such as a blog, photo gallery, Facebook and twitter feeds. we will determine this in your initial consultation & use the best platform or combinations for your website.

( I’m always available for updates….call or shoot me an email, then sit back and relax.)


Speed Optimization


loading Your website is optimized in my initial design using proven image optimization techniques to improve its loading speed for an effective presence on the web. Balancing the fine line between visually interesting design, graphics and content vs page load speed, If your pages take a long time to load, (over 15 seconds) Based on a standard DSL 2.50 Mbps connection, there is a good chance your site visitor will hit the back button on their browser, and click on the next relevant search result. I will help you to maintain your website at lightning speed by periodic optimization when needed.


Backup and Restoration


backup-and-restoration2Backing up Website is really essential for every users. I create a backup on my computer and on a external drive, I can also provide you a zip file upon request for extra peace of mind, Everyone who has ever lost any data knows the importance and value of a good backup. Imagine how you would feel if your blog or files was lost due to server crash, data corruption, human errors or your hosting expired for over 30 days and they deleted everything! NOT TO WORRY  I’ve got your back – up.


Search engine optimization (SEO)


SEO1If content is king, then SEO is the queen. Your website is optimized in it’s initial design, using proven techniques to improve its ranking in the Search Engines for an effective presence on the Web… configured to your type of website. no worrying about search engine optimization. I will help your site to rank high in search engines.


Google Analytics – Visitor Statistic


Google-Analytics1I can help set up and show you how to use the website analytics that shows a detailed custom report on every visitor including a complete analysis of your website: Demographics,  Behavior and Visitors Flow, Technology the site is viewed upon: PC, tablet and cellphones also solid actionable suggestions to improve it and take your Website and blog to the next level.


Aftercare support


Help with anything yfavorites-icon2ou may need… From a simple update or some nasty problems with your site? Don’t know how to solve it? Don’t waste time trying to figure it out… I’m always there to give you a hand. When you face any tech problems just come to my site and submit a support request, I will be very happy to resolve it. Did I mention that I also provide live chat support? I’m also available by phone, Skype, Video chat and Screen sharing or for more complex help, remote PC access threw companies like GoToMyPC .